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4/9 test 2 on apr 9 (fcc chairman, forgot to check simplepush notification earlier)

fcc chairman

fcc chairman to broadcasters

While the NAB show is all about high-end cameras and workflow solutions for broadcast professionals, the show is a great opportunity to talk about industry policy as well. Yesterday, NAB President Gordon Smith criticized the FCC for "favoring broadband over the broadcast industry," and today FCC head Tom Wheeler took the stage to address a broadcast-heavy crowd. In his one-hour talk, he touched on the importance of competition and the FCC's role in carrying out the US Senate's mandates, but the most interesting moments came when Wheeler lectured broadcast licensees on their need to adapt and change. "Lecture" may be putting it lightly, though; the implication in Wheeler's remarks was that broadcast companies haven't evolved as quickly as services like Netflix, and that there's some serious catching up to do.

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4/7 test from aol demo blog engadget uk alive

engadget uk is launched!

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